Lost EP Recap – EP 5.15 – “Follow the Leader”

locke vs jacob

It actually does sort of feel like a prize-fight build-up for tonight. Thanks to Tasty ‘Shops for the great poster. And that brings me to the best line/look of last week’s episode:

Locke: “I’m going to kill Jacob.”

Ben: “Jigga what?”

ben jigga what

Last week’s episode was really more of a prologue to tonight’s two-hour season finale, and yet it was great in it’s own way. Jack’s going to detonate an H-Bomb. Locke suddenly has a deathwish for Jacob. And I have no idea what’s up with Sawyer and the sub storyline. So many great scenes and great questions. I think the biggest is this:

Free will…or Predestination?

That seems to be the biggest question being asked. Will we get an answer tonight? Probably not. But I still can’t wait! Some other great observations I found on the net…after the jump.

First, some thoughts from the Pop Candy message board:

So now we have the age-old question: If you could go back to the Garden of Eden and return to a life free of pain, would you? LOST translation (via Jack): “Put things back the way they were supposed to be. All the misery we’ve been through will be wiped clean.” But then you’d also have to give up the depth of experience having knowledge of both good and evil brings. LOST translation (via Kate): “It wasn’t all misery.”

Jack votes for Eden. Kate votes for East of Eden.

Interesting that the lead character in Steinbeck’s “East of Eden” is named Kate, she embodies the subtle and slippery kind of evil, kills her parents by setting fire to their house – and oh, has a son named Aaron.

The bomb is buried under Dharmaville. Maybe that’s why all of the women can’t have children. If the bomb was leaking radiation that would be good cause for the infertility.

In this week’s Podcast, the producers provided this interesting comment:

“Picture time as a stream, and imagine throwing a pebble into it. The pebble sinks beneath harmlessly, and the stream follows its same path unaltered. Now imagine dropping in a large boulder. The stream is now diverted and its path changed.”

There was a scene that got cut where Faraday used that analogy to explain to Jack and Kate what he was attempting to do. Blowing up the bomb was going to be his attempt at dropping the boulder into the stream.

A lot of people are starting to speculate that Jacob is not real. But remember that:

A. Locke saw him for a split second in the chair when he said “help me.”

B. Hugo saw his eye inside the window when he looked inside the cabin.

C. If it was Richard Alpert behind the curtain what would have been the point of the ash all around the cottage.

Has anyone else noticed that there’s no mention of Smokie in 1977 or earlier in the 50’s. I think its possible that the losties are going to be the ones who release/awake smokie with the h bomb.

richard black rock connection

Was that a replica of the Black Rock that Richard was building into the bottle? Does he have a special affection for the Black Rock? Maybe it was the vessel that brought him to the Island. Shipwrecking on the Island in 1845 certainly would have given him opportunity to be its advisor for a “very, very long time.”

Did anyone notice that when Juliet was whacked in the face she seemed to absorb it and maybe liked it a little? I still think she’s more than what she is letting on.

Remember, Richard visited 3 people: Ben as a boy, John as a boy, and Juliet when he wanted her to come to the island. At that time there was the ‘miracle’ cure of Juliet’s niece. Keep tuned.

Widmore knew Eloise was pregnant. This is what he said (I always have the closed-captioning on). “What? Are you insane? I’m worried about you. Not in your condition.” (as her touches her belly)

Also, some great questions posed by www.getlostpodcastmedia.com:

  • To me, the most important comment of the episode was Richard’s revelation that he watched the Losties die back in 1977.  This would indicate that we’ll find out next week whether or not whatever happened, happened or if free will wins out.  If whatever happened, happened then we’re losing a significant portion of the cast (Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Jin).
  • Yet another mention of Richard’s agelessness, this time by Ben.  Ben also referred to Richard as an “advisor”.  Many people have surmised that Richard was originally part of the Black Rock crew (if he’s not tied to the ancient Egyptian influences).  We saw him working on what appeared to be a model of the Black Rock ship.  Could this be a hint?
  • I was surprised to hear dissension from Richard regarding Locke (”I’m starting to think John Locke is going to be trouble.”), especially to Ben.  Richard was influential in getting John in place and ousting Ben.  WTF?
  • Are we finally going to get some insight into Jacob?  It sure would seem so based on Locke’s mission to take everyone to Jacob and then kill him.  So why does Locke now feel the need to kill Jacob?  Did the island tell him to do that?  If so, why?

[Thanks GetLostPodcast]

And as always, the Ack Attack weekly R-rated recap. Hilarious.

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