Hard out here for a sardine.

If you computer is stacked enough to allow you to watch this safely in HD, you really should.

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Winter Wonderland.


It’s been so long since we’ve had significant snowfall. And this morning, we finally got it. Only about 4-5 inches, but I’ll take it gladly. What a beautiful sunrise through the trees in our backyard. Wish you were here!


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Off and Running.

Okay, first of all…that’s not me in the picture. We’re not quite ready to take the shirt off when we run. And it may be a long while before that actually happens. Don’t want to scare anyone off the trails, right?

But I am up and running again. As a matter of fact, me and the wife and the sister-in-law went out to Salem Lake yesterday and ran under the leaves of gold and red and orange. It was a gorgeous day. And maybe the last time we see a high in the 70s for a while. 

If you’re interested, me and my extended Newvis family are keeping up a blog on our exercise efforts as we all run toward a Disney 5K in January. I haven’t blogged anything there in a while. But posted a couple of things this morning. Sp enjoy. And if you’re running, we’d be happy to have you post your experiences as well.

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Fall in North Carolina…

All of these pictures were taken in the last few days no more than an hour’s drive from my home. The mountains are on fire with color. And even in my neighborhood, we’re seeing plunging shades of red alongside brilliant hues of gold. It’s literally God showing off for you. 

So with all this in mind, I can’t understand why more of you don’t take advantage of the empty guest room we have. Please come and enjoy it along with us. It’s well worth the drive. And it happens every year. Come see us in North Carolina.

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