New Mute Math Single – “The Nerve”


The new album “Armistice” drops 8/18/2009. And you can listen to the new single for free here. After the jump, my thoughts on the new single, a possible first look at the track listing for the new album, and why most of Earthsuit hated Darren.


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Auto-Tune Me, baby.

Ever wondered what “auto-tune” is? Ever wondered why some of the worst singers can sound so good in the studio? Take a look at this…and don’t miss Katie Couric’s part at 1:21. It’s the best.

Here’s a look at the guys who put this together and why…

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Sending this one out to my former bicycle-flippin’, peg-jumpin’, hole-in-knee creatin’ little brother. And if you watch one bicycle-oriented YouTube video this year, this is the one. Make sure you follow it until the end. It is quite sweet. And BTW, if you don’t listen to Band of Horses, you should.

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I’m in love with the Meximelt.


Who don’t love them up some Taco Hell every once in a great while? I know I do. Take a listen to these guys celebrating all that is Taco Bell through the art of folk music. And make sure you watch the screen and listen to the drive-thru employee. The guy is a complete pro at all times.

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I strangely think I love this.

Yes, you do know this song. And you know it well.

And she’s apparently not the only one to cover it, either.

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Chicken Grease.


I have the priviledge of playing in a band. And the guys in my band are unbelievably talented. Whenever we play, I hear all sorts of comments from people about how much they enjoyed it. And that’s always great to hear. But there’s a part of the process they never get to see…and sometimes it’s the best part. Practice.

Sometimes the best things that happen musically are a result of the guys “messin’ around.” Somebody starts playing some sort of groove, and somebody else joins in. And all of a sudden, there’s something funky going on. And man, you wish you had that on your iPod. I love to watch it happen. And it always makes me want to go home and practice my fingers off so that I can be a part of something like that one day. It’s the jams that happen when our guys are just warming up that I always remember.

Anyway, we were sitting around the other day talking music and one of our drummers, Jeremy, remarked that “Cissy Strut” (by The Meters) is his all-time favorite song. And it reminded me of this version I found a year or two ago. It’s the John Mayer Trio…jamming on D’Angelo‘s “Chicken Grease” and transitioning over into “Cissy Strut” later in the song. It’s nine minutes long, and every bit worth your time.

BTW…for you music geeks…that’s Steve Jordan on the drums. And Pino Palladino on the bass. And for an extra helping of Pino, check out this version of “Chicken Grease” and look for him on the bass. Only white guy in the room. And he is holding it down, son.

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New U2 for $4.


I don’t know how long this will last. But right now, you can buy U2’s new album for $4 at Amazon.

Reminder #1: the files are 256 kbps MP3s — yay for that!

Reminder #2: Pitchfork gave the album a 4.2.

Reminder #3: U2 is on Letterman all week.


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