Trailer Review – “Away We Go”

This looks great. And I’d personally love to see Allison Janney in pretty much every movie I see. Loved her on “The West Wing”. Loved her as “The Jackal.” Love her, period.

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I strangely think I love this.

Yes, you do know this song. And you know it well.

And she’s apparently not the only one to cover it, either.

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Watch out for the work wedgie!

Is your corporate life lacking? Maybe your office needs a slide…


Those wacky Brits are at it again. This time, the designers of a new office complex in Sheffield have installed a giant slide to whisk employees from the third floor of the building to the first. We suspect they got the idea from a famous Barclaycard ad (below), posted above, or perhaps from the network of pedestrian vacuum tubes in Futurama‘s New New York. Regardless, they need a ball pit for the employees to land in at the bottom.

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Control your cat.


Simply point it at your cat, press buttons on the remote and hope for the best. With buttons for “Stop Scratching”, “Show Affection”, “Remain Aloof” and many others, you’ll be in control in no time. It’s finally your turn to make your cat do what you want.

  • 21-button remote control
  • No batteries required – powered by wishful thinking
  • Measures 5.5″ x 2.2″ (14cm x 5.5cm)

Order Here!


Needs work.

-Turning remote off leaves cat in permanent “sulk” mode. Undesirable.
-Fur ball ejector button needs function to first direct cat to tile floor, THEN eject.
-Remote has button only for “nap” mode; needs full 8-10 hour out-cold, dead-to-world “hard sleep” function. At times invaluable.
-Needs more “amusing behavior” functions: talking, chirping sounds; chasing tail; pulling itself across rug with toenails, etc.
-“Wear-itself-out” function essential: Top speed racing laps around house, min. 20 minutes, prior to nightime household sleep.

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[Thanks Joe]

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Lost Recap 5.08 – “LaFleur”

GREAT episode. In my opinion, this season gets better and better every episode. I hate that we have to wait until next week for the next new episode.

“Your buddy out there with the eyeliner? Let me talk to him.”

I also loved the return of Richard Alpert. And if you’ve been wondering “what’s up with his eye makeup?” you can find the answer here. And for lots more musing on the return of the statue and new Dharma symbols and sweet, loving Sawyer and baby mama drama you MUST check it all out after the jump.



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Charlie bit me.

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Hard out here for a sardine.

If you computer is stacked enough to allow you to watch this safely in HD, you really should.

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