New Mute Math Single – “The Nerve”


The new album “Armistice” drops 8/18/2009. And you can listen to the new single for free here. After the jump, my thoughts on the new single, a possible first look at the track listing for the new album, and why most of Earthsuit hated Darren.

So far, the more I listen to it…the more I like it. It’s a bit repetitive, but I also think that’s part of the build. It didn’t knock me off my chair like the first time I heard “Chaos” or “Reset.” But I also think it’s a step in a new direction. Vocally, I feel like there’s a bit of Bob Dylan in there in the feel and tone. And they may be making more of a statement record than they have before. Either way, I’m jacked up and can’t wait to hear the rest of the record. These guys have earned my trust and my dime, and I’ll be first in line to buy it.

By the way, it looks like the set list for the new album looks like this. But I can’t vouch for it’s veracity. Consider it more a “guideline.”

Atmospheric New Orleans-based space-rock quartet MuteMath will offer up a new album, Armistice, August 18 via Teleprompt-Warner Bros. Recorded and produced by Dennis Herring (Elvis Costello, Modest Mouse, the Hives) in their hometown and in Oxford, Mississippi, this new collection clocks in at a little under 50 minutes and shows off the band’s lyrical development. Following up the success of “Spotlight,” their track on the Twilight soundtrack, Armistice will be the second full-length from these Grammy-nominated electro post-rockers. Their self-titled debut was released in 2006.

Track list for Armistice:
01. The Nerve
02. Backfire
03. Clipping
04. Spotlight
05. No Response
06. Pins and Needles
07. Goodbye
08. Odds
09. Electrify
10. Armistice
11. The Lost Year
12. Burden

[CMJ News Story]

Also…one of the nice things about a new album is you get lots of press. And I came across this interview that told the MM genesis story in a way I have never heard before. Apparently, most of Earthsuit wasn’t so hot on Darren initially. Maybe it’s the duct tape that later reined him in.

“The quartet came together in 2003, but the seeds were sown several years before that, when Meany met King. The drummer was 14 and the guitarist/singer was 20. King was drumming in his Springfield, Mo., church band when Meany, from New Orleans, arrived as a guitarist with a traveling evangelist. The two hit it off.

“I would send tracks, songs and ideas to Paul — to get him to get me to be in his band,” King said.

Eventually Meany invited King to drum in Earthsuit, his Christian band. At his tryout, King punctured the drums by striking them too hard and blew out the band’s sound system. Maybe that was a sign.

The experiment lasted two months, and then two band members complained that King’s overambitious, manic drumming was throwing them off. They convinced Meany to give him the ax.

“That band went on, as Darren likes to recall, and failed,” Meany said.

You can read the rest of the interview here. And for whatever it matters, Idol winner Kris Allen likes MuteMath, too.

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  1. You do realize you will have to fight your way in front of me for “first in line”. I will use my bass as a weapon if need be. See DC*B Rockumentary Episode 1 for clarification.

    • You are a punk and I will destroy you. Don’t bring that mess on my blog. You don’t understand the power of Sonamighty. I will rain down fire and frogs on you and your family!

      JK. Are we still friends and stuff? 😉

      • You can try. But you will not be successful. My secret ninja bass moves reign supreme. Your face will meet my tuning pegs with great vengeance. And you know dasreet.

        Yeah, I’m kidding too. We are definitely friends. “And friends are friends forever …”

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