If this is a consular ship, where is the ambassador?

Anybody down with this? I have to admit…the idea of a cartoon Star Wars movie didn't do much for me personally. But after seeing this trailer in the theatre before Speed Racer, I had to readjust my expectations. It just might be cool.

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I Shot the Castro

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BDiddy Loves Him Some Neti Pot.

This is nasty. It's dorky. It looks really weird. It seems very New Age. And oh yeah, it works.

When the pollen is blowin' up (like right now), I'm doing this every morning and every night. Feels weird. Looks nasty. And the immediate results aren't pretty. But again, it beats having a stopped-up head all day. Used as a maintenance tool, it absolutely works for me.

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The Wii is now offically weird.

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Great Ad Parodies of All Time.

Click here for the top 50 list. Here's my favorites…

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More ‘Lost’ Questions (as if you needed more)…

Some of these comments are mine. Some are not. And If you haven't seen last week's ep, you should steer clear of this list until you have. You've been warned…

I don't think Jack had appendicitis. I think Juliet did something to him to make him think that, and then wouldn't allow him to watch the surgery so she could plant some sort of tracking device or something inside him. It's like Rose said: "…people just don't get sick on this island." More evidence that Juliet wasn't really doing an appendectomy? Jack pointed out that she was shaving two inches too high where the incision should be.

i found it quite interesting that the confirmed that people actually CHOSE to stay on the island. We see this when Jack is talking about Sawyer with Kate in the flash-forward.

"Jack Gone Wild." I think what we saw at the end of the episode (39 bottles of beer stacked up on the coffee table…my wife would kill me) is the beginning of "We have to go back!"/Jim Morrison/bearded and suicidal Jack that we saw in last year's season-ending cliffhanger.

I can't think of anything that would cause Claire to leave Aaron behind, unless she really were dead. When Sawyer issued the restraining order, I got the feeling that Miles was looking at her because maybe she was really dead… not because he thought she was hot. And then… she sees Christian and leaves her baby behind.

Is it just me or was anyone else creeped out when Bernard said "Sorry Jack, but I agree," and then smothered him w/ a rag covered in something to make Jack pass out. The way he said it was just…off. Then add in the fact that he secretly (and who knows why?) knows morse code (military? boy scouts? who knows?) and is quite the shooter. Then add in the theory that Juliette purposely misdiagnosed appendicitis and performed a bogus surgery for an unknown (but presumably sinister) reason… are they in on something together? does Bernard have a past with the island or Widmore or Hanso or any of that? Hmm. Something's up with Bernard and I'm not sure I like the way it's looking (fighting to keep myself from googling for spoilers to see if a future ep this season features him, argh).

It just dawned on me that the people that are "coming back from the dead" so to speak, are people that have died on the island, but were never buried. Jack's Dad was in the coffin that fell out of the plane. It was never buried. Charlie drowned in the ocean. No body to bury. Yemi died in the drug plane crash. He was never buried. Horace and the other folks from the original Dharma Initiative were killed and thrown in a pit. They were never buried. Danielle and Karl were not completely buried, therefore Miles could "hear" them. All of these people are left to roam, as some sort of spirits of their former selves. Their bodies were never buried, therefore they never actually die in the true sense of the word. Everyone else that has died on the island has had some sort of "burial", either in the ground, or at sea, allowing them to be at peace. Very interesting…

What's this promise Kate is keeping to Sawyer? And why does it require so much cleavage?

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It’s like “freebasing pop tarts.”

Not my line. I stole that from Ain't It Cool. But it's spot on. Great movie.

When I was a kid, I loved Iron Man. He was one of those fringe superheroes like Green Lantern that you just didn't see all that much of. So I've been pretty excited about this one. And yet at the same time, I've been keenly aware that it could come off very suck-tastic. After all, it's just a guy in a big metal suit, right?

So I'm deliriously happy to report that this is one of the few superhero movies I'd actually recommend to the wife as well. For instance, you didn't need to collect comic books to like the 'Spider-Man' movies. And this one is a pure joy ride. It's not really a movie built for kids. This is an adult movie in terms of subject matter. People die. And not off-screen, either. It's all about riding that fine line between fantasy and reality, and yet the movie doesn't take it self so seriously either. This movie gets it just right. Amazing special effects. Great casting. Nobody else could play the part like Robert Downey, Jr. And I can't recommend this movie enough to you. Great fun. And a great way to start the summer.

By the way, they announced this morning that you can expect to see Iron Man 2 in April 2010. No surprise there.

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