Sending this one out to my former bicycle-flippin’, peg-jumpin’, hole-in-knee creatin’ little brother. And if you watch one bicycle-oriented YouTube video this year, this is the one. Make sure you follow it until the end. It is quite sweet. And BTW, if you don’t listen to Band of Horses, you should.

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Partytime…Italian style..


When is the last time you had a delicious, piping hot Totino’s Pizza straight outa yo oven? For me, it was less than 24 hours ago. And it was part of the food throwdown that always happens when it snows. Why? I’m not really sure. But even the mere mention of snow in the forecast sends us inexplicably to the grocery store where we quickly fill our carts up with bread and milk and soda and chips and high-sodium, nicely packaged, cheap frozen foods. I’m pretty sure it’s simply a basic survival instinct that’s been in our genes for thousands of years. We can’t fight it. So we join it.


So anyway, we went old school with our snow meal Monday night over at the brother’s house. We served up a veritable Totino’s buffet. Four adults consumed seven pizzas (whole thing actually only cost us $3, I think). And we were quite pleased with ourselves. Was it healthy? No. Was it recommended by the FDA? Absolutely not. Was it tasty? I’m not really sure. I don’t normally even chew my food. But it was quite good. Supreme is my favorite. But all the flavors really taste the same, anyway.

You see, Totino’s takes me back to my younger days. Totino’s means that all my boys are coming over to the house to play Sega or Atari 5200 and watch movies and spend the night and wrestle in the den (no jokes, please…it was quite innocent, thank you). And Nanny cooking up pizzas for us to drink with our Faygo sodas. People, it doesn’t get any better than that. And don’t even get me started on Pizza Rolls (I eat mine with mustard). That’s a whole different blog entry.


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Winter Wonderland.


It’s been so long since we’ve had significant snowfall. And this morning, we finally got it. Only about 4-5 inches, but I’ll take it gladly. What a beautiful sunrise through the trees in our backyard. Wish you were here!


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Happy Valentine’s Day!


I’m trying to decide which one of these cards to give my wife for Valentine’s Day, but it’s tough. My guess is that she’d probably go with Troy. Any thoughts?

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It’s confession time.

Here it is. My blog confession for the day:

I look through my brother’s pantry for food when I babysit my nephew.

It’s true. And I think they know it. Look, a lot of times they have cool junky kid stuff that I don’t normally buy or even look at. And a lot of times, I have some. One time, I cleared out their whole supply of cheese puff balls. And left the wrappers out as evidence! It was a travesty.

But let’s get past the morality of it and talk about what I really want to talk about. This.

Yes. They had a box of this in their pantry. No, I don’t know why they bought it. And yes, I had a bowl of it. And yes, it was good. When is the last time you had Count Chocula cereal? Or Franken-Berry? Or Boo-Berry? We loved this sugary cereal mix as a kid. We even forced our grandmother to buy us “Kaboom!” one time. And then it turned out to be so sugary and nasty that we ended up throwing almost the whole box away. What were your favorites as a kid?

If you’re wondering, yes, the package looks different. And here’s some thoughts on that, too.

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Ashley is about to break it off Frank Capra-style.

“Take one extremely eccentric family that doesn’t give a hoot about money, another family that cares about nothing else, a pair of mismatched lovers, a wacky clash of cultures, and you have what the Little Theatre of Winston-Salem is betting will be a winner with their audience when it opens this week. And it’s starring the greatest actress in the world, Ashley Davis!”*

*That last part might not have been in the Winston-Salem Journal this past weekend. But it should have been!

You Can’t Take It With You is a classic American comedy. It opened on Broadway in 1936, had a smash run of more than 800 performances and won a Pulitzer Prize. Two years later, it won an Academy Award in the film version directed by the legendary Frank Capra. Written by the famous theatrical duo of George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart, the play is a romp between two families who couldn’t look at life more differently. You Can’t Take It With You is set in New York, where a zany family under the patriarchy of Grandpa Martin Vanderhof goes up against a very conservative family whose son is in love with Grandpa’s granddaughter, Alice.

Now you might wonder…why is BDiddy devoting a blog entry to community theatre? It’s all because of my sister-in-law, Ashley Davis. If she’s in it, I can tell you that it’s gonna be great. Ashley’s been practicing with the rest of her cast and crew for weeks now. And you can finally see her this Friday night…opening night! Me and the wife and lots of our peeps have our tickets already. And if you’re in the area, you should, too!

Shows are September 19, 20, 25, 26, 27 at 8 p.m. and September 28 at 2 p.m. at Reynolds Auditorium, 301 North Hawthorne Road in Winston-Salem. You can also find a phone number and order tickets online here

Break a leg, Ash!

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Tanya can and must work it.

First of all, sorry for the unscheduled blog vacation. Last week was a busy one. And here’s part of the reason why…my red-hot smokin’ wife. Tanya took part in a local American Cancer Society fundraiser that’s basically a local version of “Dancing With The Stars.” And she was completely awesome!


After taking lessons for about two months (once or twice a week) with her instructor and partner, Paul, at a dance studio in Greensboro, Tanya took the stage and did an unbelievable job. Even though we had high expectations, we were all blown away by her “stage” presence, her fluidity, and her simmering hotness. Not only did Tanya take the “Hot Tamale” award, but the judges awarded her third-place overall in a very tough competition. Thanks so much to all of our friends who came out to see her in person! And thanks to her instructor and partner, Paul! Paul’s a great guy and an incredible dancer. Tanya had such a good time throughout the whole process and he was a big part of that.  


If you couldn’t be there, you’re in luck! You can see her Foxtrot and Rumba routines on this page (look for Tanya’s links on the right-hand side). My brother blogged about it here. And you can see a quick video of her promoting the event here


Congratulations, Tanya! We love you!

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