Sonamighty. Great episode.

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This is some crazy mess.

Apparently, this is for real. The pilot was very experienced, they trained specifically for this air show, and pulled it off without a hitch. Unbelievable. You can read more about it here if you like.

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Maybe we should serve beer in church.

Or maybe not. But here's an excerpt from David Crowder's blog I thought was interesting. Click here for the whole darn thing.

question 6: “i went to the show in cincinatti and there was alcohol being served. i was shocked that it was being served at a christian concert. can you tell me why it was being served?”

yes. i’m pretty sure that the bar was selling alcohol because it is a bar and that’s what bars sell. they typically like to make money and so they buy things, such as beers, from a distributor for a certain price and then mark it up to sell to people so that they will get a profit and get to pay their employees and get to stay open and such. alcohol is usually a pretty big seller for bars. i am sorry this was shocking.

i might add, both historically and currently, there are many people who love jesus, and follow him, that also enjoy alcohol regularly. if you have not encountered these people first hand, you should attempt to enlarge your peer circle and i think you’ll get a clearer picture of the diversity of the body of christ. there are denominations and traditions that denounce alcohol, and there are those that condone it. these beliefs are typically culturally specific and attached to a particular sect's interpretations of a few particular passages in scripture. i should state here that we, as a band and as individuals, do not, in any way, condone drunkenness, as it is stupid, nor under-aged drinking as it is also stupid and against the law, and trust that those in attendance at various dates on our club tour are intelligent enough to arrive at both of these conclusions as well. it is not very difficult to observe the damaging effects of abusing alcohol. it is simple that way; abuse it, it abuses you back, most of the time immediately.

(an aside: in my experience, most conversations about alcohol with those who adamantly reject it as a possible beverage choice, present that it could cause a brother to stumble. this is awful logic. apply this logic to various food items ordered at your next public meal. there will doubtlessly be present various numbers of people who struggle with obesity or high cholesterol or heart disease, who would really love one of your cheesesticks. there will also be those present who are vegetarian, myself included, who are attempting to not ingest meat. i’m sure you see the trouble with this line of thinking. this was the very argument that peter and paul were having regarding idol meat. i will not attempt further argument here since there is plenty to find out there, if one were truly curious, that would present things in a much more scholarly and organized manner than i could hope to present it. i will also state here that i shall not require you to cease your carnivorous ways while sharing a restaurant with me.)

and finally, i should state the reasons we went on a tour that had as its venues bars and clubs exclusively. we wished for the story of god to be experienced beyond the safety of our cloistered church environments. it was our deep hope that many who would not frequent a bar would come join us and experience the reality of the presence of god in an environment that they might not typically suspect to experience such a thing in. we believe, if we are reading scripture correctly, that once the veil was torn, that in an instant, suddenly, god was everywhere. the symbolism and consequences of this moment are epic! the way human beings access the maker of heaven and earth were forever changed. suddenly, once and for all, through the ultimate sacrificial offering, suddenly, he is everywhere. every second is lived in the very presence of god. there is no moment that is not holy. there is no space that is not sacred. it is the awareness of our reality that shifts, not this reality. therefore, all that is needed is for our awareness to change and we begin to view spaces and people and cultures and music and art and eating and drinking and sleeping and waking as moments and spaces and places where god is already active and present. our hope on this tour was to give people a physical, tangible experience of this reality.

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A virtual cornucopia o’ links!

T-Buck is back at FSU! Remember the old rope-a-dope punt return? This guy invented it. Pure confidence.

FSU hires a tight ends coach. Not a big deal in itself. But some people think that this is the guy who will become the offensive coordinator once Jimbo takes over for Bobby Bowden.

Urban Meyer is an atrocious salesman.

Here's a rumor about the next theme park at Walt Disney World. Too bad I'll probably never be able to afford it.

Ever wonder if buying those "Monster Cables" is worth the extra jack? This guy says absolutely not.

And I thought I had a lot of Star Wars toys when I was a kid.

Man, these shoes make me thirsty. I wonder if they'll ever offer lemon-lime flavor? That was my favorite.

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Possibly the coolest aquarium ever.

This unreal cylindrical aquarium is actually part of a hotel lobby if you can believe it. It's called the Aquadom. Here's more on the aquarium plus video as well. There's an elevator that runs through the middle of it. And it's got room enough for two divers as well. Very cool.

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Do you really want to see it?

The 'Cloverfield' monster…that is.

If you really do, click here. But it's not completely what you think.

And if you haven't seen the movie, don't pay attention to any of this.

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Big win for Wake.

Big win for Wake Sunday night. And an ugly loss for Duke. They outhustled us. Outrebounded us. Outshot us. And despite some bad officiating on both sides, they deserved to win the game.

I hate to see Duke lose any game. But living here in Winston-Salem, it's hard not to root for Coach Gaudio and the Demon Deacons. By all accounts, Skip Prosser was a great guy. So if we gotta lose one, it might as well be to Wake. And I had no expectations of an undefeated ACC regular season, anyway.

Let's hope the guys learn from this. And come back strong against Miami this week.

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