Tilt-Shift Me.

First, I highly recommend you check out the HD version of this that is hosted on Vimeo. It looks so much better than the YouTube version. When the Godzilla shows up around :45 into the video, I lose my mind every time. And if you like it, make sure you check out this and this and this, too. If you’d like to quit your job and spend all day long checking out tilt-shift videos, go here.

But is it real? The answer…after the jump.


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Control your cat.


Simply point it at your cat, press buttons on the remote and hope for the best. With buttons for “Stop Scratching”, “Show Affection”, “Remain Aloof” and many others, you’ll be in control in no time. It’s finally your turn to make your cat do what you want.

  • 21-button remote control
  • No batteries required – powered by wishful thinking
  • Measures 5.5″ x 2.2″ (14cm x 5.5cm)

Order Here!


Needs work.

-Turning remote off leaves cat in permanent “sulk” mode. Undesirable.
-Fur ball ejector button needs function to first direct cat to tile floor, THEN eject.
-Remote has button only for “nap” mode; needs full 8-10 hour out-cold, dead-to-world “hard sleep” function. At times invaluable.
-Needs more “amusing behavior” functions: talking, chirping sounds; chasing tail; pulling itself across rug with toenails, etc.
-“Wear-itself-out” function essential: Top speed racing laps around house, min. 20 minutes, prior to nightime household sleep.

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I must have some.

Order here.

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Ever wanted to deep-fry your Zero Bar right before game time? It’s no longer a dream, my friend. It’s reality.


Fried foods and football go together so well, we’re surprised we hadn’t seen one of these on a tailgate until this past weekend. The Coleman Frywell Portable Deep Fryer ($170) is a propane-powered 6,000-BTU/hour fryer with a large 6 qt. basket that holds up to a pound of parking lot provisions.

  • Sports a weather-resistant high-gloss metallic-painted steel exterior and a corrosion-resistant heavy duty plated steel basket.
  • No cords needed.
  • Propane powered.
  • Over-temperature shut-off sensor helps prevent overheating.
  • Functional lid is spring-loaded, view through, vented, complete with latches to keep securely closed.
  • Capable of 450ºF cooking and fast recovery between batches.

Gentlemen, start your fryers.

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Here’s what the REAL Michael Faraday came up with…

Check out this excerpt from the IMAX movie Straight Up: Helicopters in Action. You’ve gotta have serious kahuna to repair high-voltage cables from a helicopter while wearing a faraday cage suit. Not only are you dealing with heights, but tons of electricity as well.

In the IMAX excerpt, this guy’s suit is 75% Nomex to prevent him from catching on fire and 25% stainless steel thread, which creates a faraday cage around him that pumps about a half a million volts around him at all times. The steel allows the electricity to flow around the outside of his suit, completing a circuit, but none of it touches him.

The best part of this video? The quote at the end: “There’s only three things I’ve ever been afraid of: electricity, heights, and women. And I’m married.” Kudos to you, my friend, for facing all three of your fears.


I saw something similar back in Panama City, FL years ago when they were laying new broadband cable across these huge transmission lines that ran right next to the old Hathaway Bridge. I was doing news back then…and the guys must have noticed me shooting them with the camera. So they started showing off. One guy finished his work, attached himself back to the helicopter, and as he stepped off the tower he simply let himself free fall and dangle from the helicopter…spinning around with his arms outstretched. It was incredible.

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iPhone = Fart Machine


The iPhone is an amazing technological achievement that I, frankly, would find it hard to live without. I use it all day long for several different things: phone, email, internet browser, calendar, camera, fitness calculator, maps, driving, radio, and music and movies. And now with the advent of several flatulation applications offered on iTunes, it appears that I can also use it to make poopy noises around the office. Welcome to the future, folks!

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Useful. And somehow southern.

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