What exactly does this mean?

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Lost EP Recap – EP 5.15 – “Follow the Leader”

locke vs jacob

It actually does sort of feel like a prize-fight build-up for tonight. Thanks to Tasty ‘Shops for the great poster. And that brings me to the best line/look of last week’s episode:

Locke: “I’m going to kill Jacob.”

Ben: “Jigga what?”

ben jigga what

Last week’s episode was really more of a prologue to tonight’s two-hour season finale, and yet it was great in it’s own way. Jack’s going to detonate an H-Bomb. Locke suddenly has a deathwish for Jacob. And I have no idea what’s up with Sawyer and the sub storyline. So many great scenes and great questions. I think the biggest is this:

Free will…or Predestination?

That seems to be the biggest question being asked. Will we get an answer tonight? Probably not. But I still can’t wait! Some other great observations I found on the net…after the jump.


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Lost EP Recap – EP 5.14 – “The Variable”


“For the first time in a long time, I don’t know what’s going to happen next.” – Eloise Hawking

Dang it. I have NEVER known what is going to happen next. And I guess that what makes this show so great. This season’s third-to-last episode was AWESOME. I think it’s one of the top ten of all time. So it’s interesting to me that I don’t have all that much or you this week. And here’s why…


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Vintage Dharma Ads

If you’re a fan of Lost, you’ll get a huge kick out of these vintage 70’s ads that someone created. Looks just like they’ve been saved from some old magazine. Very nice. And you can see more ads here.BTW…you can always click the picture to see a bigger version.


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Fonzie Time.


Sonamighty. Don’t have much time this am. But last night’s ep has gotta be in the top ten ALL-TIME. I was blown away. You?

[Media from GetLostPodcast.com]

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Lost EP Recap – 5.13 – “Some Like It Hoth”

MAN IN VAN: Miles, my name’s Bram.
MILES: You owe me a fish taco.

Ok. Ok. It’s been a while. Sorry about that. What can I tell you? Life gets in the way of the blog sometimes. I even found myself two or three episodes behind on my DVR there for a while. But after last week’s recap reprieve, I’m back in the game. So here’s the latest list of theories that I found on the Internet that make me go “Hmmmmm.”



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Lost Recap 5.08 – “LaFleur”

GREAT episode. In my opinion, this season gets better and better every episode. I hate that we have to wait until next week for the next new episode.

“Your buddy out there with the eyeliner? Let me talk to him.”

I also loved the return of Richard Alpert. And if you’ve been wondering “what’s up with his eye makeup?” you can find the answer here. And for lots more musing on the return of the statue and new Dharma symbols and sweet, loving Sawyer and baby mama drama you MUST check it all out after the jump.



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