Getting my run back on…

BW by DarkMatter

Tomorrow is the day. First run since the last week of April. I had some sort of runner’s knee/IT Band syndrome/bursitis issue with my right knee that popped in my last 10K. I felt like it was starting to get worse. So I shut it down.

Truth be told…I haven’t been doing my strengthening exercises like I should have over this month. Truth be told…the lack of running in my life hasn’t made for much physical exertion on my part at all. Apart from a few random workout sessions, I’ve basically taken the month off. And it’s time to get rolling again.

10/25 may seem like a long way off to you. But it’s very much on my mind. That’s the date of the marathon I’ve signed up for in the fall. And if it’s gonna happen, the training needs to start in earnest now. I’m very worried that the knee problem will show up again. Let’s see how it goes.

By the way, I found a couple of interesting articles about running. Check ’em out.

Running vs Walking. It’s from the NY Times…so you need to be registered to read it. But it’s free. So why not? And this is definitely the way I’ll start my running routine back up…at least until the 5K I’m set to run on June 20th in Greensboro.

Shoes vs Barefoot. Did I waste $100 on my shoes? Don’t answer that.

Born to Run. Are we doing it all wrong?

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