Fonzie Time.


Sonamighty. Don’t have much time this am. But last night’s ep has gotta be in the top ten ALL-TIME. I was blown away. You?

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Sending this one out to my former bicycle-flippin’, peg-jumpin’, hole-in-knee creatin’ little brother. And if you watch one bicycle-oriented YouTube video this year, this is the one. Make sure you follow it until the end. It is quite sweet. And BTW, if you don’t listen to Band of Horses, you should.

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Whimsical Swing Hack.


Love this. Apparently, a group of pranksters boarded a public transit train in San Francisco Tuesday night and covertly installed SWINGS. You can see from the pictures here that a good time was definitely had by all. Well played, sir. Well played.

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Brilliant AND delicious.


MEAT CARDS do not fit in a Rolodex, because their deliciousness CANNOT BE CONTAINED in a Rolodex.

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Lost EP Recap – 5.13 – “Some Like It Hoth”

MAN IN VAN: Miles, my name’s Bram.
MILES: You owe me a fish taco.

Ok. Ok. It’s been a while. Sorry about that. What can I tell you? Life gets in the way of the blog sometimes. I even found myself two or three episodes behind on my DVR there for a while. But after last week’s recap reprieve, I’m back in the game. So here’s the latest list of theories that I found on the Internet that make me go “Hmmmmm.”



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I’m in love with the Meximelt.


Who don’t love them up some Taco Hell every once in a great while? I know I do. Take a listen to these guys celebrating all that is Taco Bell through the art of folk music. And make sure you watch the screen and listen to the drive-thru employee. The guy is a complete pro at all times.

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