It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere.

I'm out! And this is where I'm headed.

Today is my tenth anniversary. And me and the missus are headed down south to experience some 80 degree weather. Swimming pools. Tiki bars. Blue water. Good times. Too bad it's only for the weekend.

So the blog will be silent until next week. Enjoy tonight's season premiere of Lost. Have fun watching the Super Bowl (I say Pats win 35-28). I hope it's a good game. And take care of you and your family.

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So whatever happened to the Monster?


Okay, pay attention here. You need to know this.

TONIGHT (Wednesday Night)…there's a special "enhanced" version of last season's final episode being aired. Apparently, they're running some text (sort of like 'pop-up TV') at the bottom that offers up clues and notes and stuff you may have missed. It's probably just a ratings ploy. But I will still probably watch it. If nothing else, it's been a VERY long time since I've put much thought into Lost. And it's not neccesarily the simplest show to watch.

TOMORROW NIGHT…the season premiere airs at 9:00est. And that's all good. But don't be fooled by those wacky ABC promotional people. It's not a two-hour special. There is a one-hour recap show that comes on at 8:00pm. But it's not part of the new episode.

By the way, here's a great look at the new season plus a great interview with one of the show's producers. Don't worry. There's NO spoilers. They don't talk specifically about the new season. But they do shed a bit of insight into how different the show's feel will be. More specifically, the flashbacks will no longer serve as simply "stories" that provide insight into characters. All flashbacks and flashforwards will serve to advance the storyline. I think things are going to start moving much faster. And they also pretty much admit that the episode where Jack flew a kite in Thailand and got beat up and got a tattoo for no reason pretty much sucked.

If all that isn't enough, here's more:

48 Really Good and Really Unanswered Questions About Lost

12 Things You Need to Know to Fully Understand and Appreciate the Season Premiere

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One week away…

…and they're already talking about it. Duke vs Carolina. Next Wednesday. It's almost here.

I obviously have no love for Carolina. But I hope we can get past the fact that Gerald Henderson caused massive amounts of blood to stream endlessly from Tyler Hansborough's face. Just in case you're not a Duke or Carolina fan, this was the result of a collision of  Blue Devil forward Gerald Henderson's hand with Tyler's nose under the goal.

Seriously, is that not the nastiest thing you've ever seen?

Look, it's always a good game. And I don't expect anything different before next week. But we do have NC State and Miami to play before we start talking about Carolina. So I promise not to post anymore gory pictures of Carolina players until Monday.

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You know you played with them. Don’t you lie to me.

My brother and I didn't just build a town out of logos. We created a new civilization. And it would have worked. But our  Nanny made us slide it under her bed. And that caused us some infratructure challenges.

Anyway, it's the 50th anniversary of LEGOs. Check out the history of the LEGO. And then try to wrap your head around the greatest LEGO sets of all time, my friend. Go ahead. Just look at it. Don't fight it, my man.

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I can’t do the top ten thing.

I just can't. Don't have time to do the "ranking" thing. And I also think movies are incredibly difficult to compare, anyway. But I do have a list of movies that I can HIGHLY recommend. Here's my favorites from 2007…in no particular order.


Michael Clayton
A throwback thriller. Lots of talking. Politics. But very smartly done. The last shot is completely original. George Clooney is a great actor. And this guy knows how to pick scripts (yes, I know. Batman Forever. Quit holding that against him! Move on!)

This movie is highly flawed. I don't like the second half of it at all. But the first half is so awesome that it's still worth watching. There's not too many science-fiction films that are artfully done these days. So I guess we gotta take what we get.

Eastern Promises
It's violent. It's brutal. It's unyielding. But the characters pull you in. And they don't do what you expect them to do.

No Country For Old Men
Everything you've read about this one is pretty much true. It is that good. It's quirky. It's strange. And yet so simply done. Again, great characters.

The Great Debaters
Uplifting. Inspirational. And a true story. Denzel Washington directed and starred in this one. And the young cast of debaters absolutely take your breath away. He apparently took many liberties with the script and strayed from the actual story quite a bit. But it's still a great movie.

A great story. Keri Russell carries the movie. Very funny. It takes a while to get going. But a very real movie. In a word, it is delightful.

3:10 to Yuma
I'm a sucker for a good Western. And this one is a great one. Watching Christian Bale and Russell Crow go head-to-head for two hours is something else. Loved it.

American Gangster
How many movies do you find yourself so embroiled in the story and people that you end up rooting for the good guys AND the bad guys? Here's one.

Knocked Up
It's raunchy. It's over the line. It's out of control. I laughed my freaking head off. And I cried at the end as well. There's PLENTY here to be offended by. But I just don't care. I love it.

The Kingdom
A very pleasant suprise. Fierce action. The last 40 minutes or so have you gripping the sofa. And it also makes you think a bit in the end. It's probably not as good as I'm making it out to be. But that's probably because my expectations were so low.

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Jack Johnson goes electric.

Jack Johnson's new CD/Album/Collection O' Songs is supposed to drop next week. But you can listen to it now on the web for free. The whole thing. Apparently, Jack's going electric to some extent. But from what I've listened to so far, he's not straying too far off the path he's already created.

Just be careful. His music can definitely have the unintended (or not) effect of inspiring you to quit your job, tell the people in your life how you really feel, learn how to play the guitar, make banana pancakes, and move your family to Costa Rica to open up a tiki bar. Good luck with that.

By the way, I wish people/interviewers would ask Jack more about the music and less about the environment. Apparently, Jack's into rap to a certain extent.

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Movie Review: Gridiron Gang

Take 'Boyz in the Hood' and mash it together with 'Remember the Titans,' and you get:

The whole premise would be a bit tough to buy in itself. But Gridiron Gang is actually based on a true story. And it's a story that will absolutely break your heart. It's unbelievable the life that some of these kids grow up with. And it's no wonder they end up in and out of jail their whole lives. That doesn't excuse criminal behavior. But when you grow up with no family, no role models, and no one telling you you're worth anything…it's no wonder.

I think it's worth your time if you're hard up for something to watch on a weekend.  The wife even got into it. And it's a straight-up sports movie. No romance to be found. And I gotta tell ya…I love The Rock. I like watching this guy. Check out Walking Tall and Be Cool. This guy is much more than a wrestler. But I can still smell what he's cookin'. Again, don't expect anything great here. No five-star performances to be found. But they are a great way to kill an hour or two.

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