Two more days…


Two more days until Lost cranks back up again. And are you still wondering about the coffin?

Jimmy Kimmel: Is the person in the coffin someone who's not from the island?
Lindelof: [To Cuse] Tread lightly.
Cuse: You will know who's in the coffin before the season is over, and it will not be like, "Who's that person?"
Lindelof: The only people you can rule out, based on what you saw in last year's finale, are Kate and Jack.

Kimmel: And the baby, just based on the size.
Cuse: Yeah, it's too big a coffin for a baby.

Read the rest of the interview here.

Here's a preview of the second half of this season from Entertainment Weekly that will blow your mind. There are minor spoilers, but nothing huge. Just some broad strokes that I think are VERY interesting.

Keep in mind that they had to cut a few episodes this season due to the strike. So the episodes we'll see over the next few weeks should be intense with more story and less character development.

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Last ‘Lost’ for a while…


As if the Duke game didn't get my heart rate up enough, I had to deal with this season's mid-cliffhanger of Lost. Last episode we'll get until April 24th. And I thought it was one of the more average episodes we've seen all season. Still good. But not up to the level of the past few weeks.

Michael is probably one of my least favorite characters. And not just because he sold out Ana Lucia and Libby and dropped them both with his gat just to seal his deal with the devil (Ben). I just don't care that much about him. He's simply not as engaging as the other storylines we've seen. Here's a few more observations about last night's ep.

What's up with the whole super-gay "Other" guy? That was out of left field. "I don't get to the mainland very often, so when I do, I like to indulge myself."

Some people assume Michael is the guy in the casket now. I don't.

Do you think Sayid did the right thing by turning Michael in? I don't. My guess is that it makes things worse. Not better.

We now know that baby Aaron is definitely one of the Oceanic Six from the promo than ran right after the show.

I liked when "ghost-hunter" freighter guy got real with Sawyer and Locke about "and seeing as how a week ago you had a gun to his head and now he's eating pound cake…" The whole Locke group have basically been a bunch of idiots.

I loved the look on Alex's face when Rousseau leaned in with the whole 'I love you" routine about two inches from her face. The emotions were mixed. And it was part 'oh that's really sweet you old lady who could very possibly be my mom' and part 'this lady is loco and she smells really weird and I feel very awkward right now.'

I don't think Rousseau is dead. I think she's only injured. The boyfriend is definitely done for.

Here's a lady who says "Lost" is back and better than ever.

Here's a guy who says Michael is actually a great actor.

What do you guys think? Post away!

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Lost: Season Four, Episode Two or “Miles Sees Dead People.”

I thought's last night episode was great. Four new characters. And here's a spoiler-free breakdown of who they are.

Here's some of my thoughts. I was a little taken aback by the whole "ghostbuster" thing. I don't want Doc Brown to run out of the jungle with a flux capacitor. But I'm willing to ride it out and see what happens.

The big question in our group of Lost fans was this…were the flashbacks from these four people the past OR the future? I thought it was the future. Especially because of the highly emotional and 'I'm hiding something' reaction of the first character, Faraday. But my friend, Ashley, thought it was the past. And she read those flashbacks as explaining why all these people were picked to go after Linus and Dharma. Hmmmmm.

Here's something I didn't catch. Did you notice that the helicopter paint job was EXACTLY like Oceanic 815. So that must mean that their expedition/mission is somehow sponsored by or connected with Oceanic Airlines. That also explains how the pilot guy got hired for the job. And that would also actually lend itself to the explanation that the new characters' flashbacks were from the past. By the way, the helicopter also incorporated two of the numbers on the side: "N824M."

BTW, the Oceanic 815 hotline is real. Try it. 888-548-0034.

A lot of people think that Ben's 'man' on the boat is Michael. Hmmmm.

Here's more questions:

What's the deal with the biohazard equipment/gas masks?

The helicopter pilot said that he was supposed to fly Oceanic Flt 815. Why didn't he?

Ben and Locke both seemed genuinely shocked by Hurley's remark about the cabin. And Ben isn't shocked by much. What's that all about?

If Flight 815 was indeed found underwater with almost the whole tail section…what are all the parts all over the island? A lot of people think the wreckage we saw last night was fake to throw people off the trail.

Of all the questions Locke could have asked, he asked about the "monster." Isn't that the most random thing he could have possibly asked?

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Thoughts on the first ep of the season….

Here's some random thoughts on last week's episode. Some of these are my thoughts. Some I found on the net. And if you haven't seen it yet, don't be readin' what's below.

1. Apparently, it IS Jack's Dad, Christian, who Hurley saw in Jacob's chair. That's weird. My brother caught that as we were watching. And was that Locke who stuck his head up in the window?

2. If Desmond has a premonition that Charlie ies so that Claire and the baby can be rescued…does it make sense that they are two of the six?

3. Lots of people think Kate is pregnant with Sawyer's child. The pregnancy theme has bene prevalent in the show. And at the end of last season's cliffhanger, doesn't she mention someone at home waiting for her?

4. I didn't catch this, but when "Charlie" swims up to the window that Hurley sees in the two-way mirror in the interrogation room he clearly has "They Need You" written on his hand.

5. When Naomi says "tell my sister I love her," lots of people think that was just a code to tell the people back on the ship something else about her situation.

6. I think the obvious question is what are the Oceanic Six all "lying" about after they get off the island. But what's more fascinating to me is Hurley's admission to Jack that "I wish I'd have gone with you." I think we'll find out what that's all about this season.

7. Did you notice that Hurley was drawing a picture of an eskimo and an igloo outside before Charlie showed up? Is that tied to the two guys in the Arctic station who saw the electromagnetic anomaly and reported it to Penny at the end of season three?

8. Best line of the episode is from Jack: "I'm thinkin' about growing a beard."

Here's some interesting thoughts I found on a fan site called Dark UFO:

Whatever transpired between Jack, Kate and Hurley's rescue and their time back in the real world has had a profound effect on all of them. They are all acting in ways that are completely opposite of their normal characters.

Kate, who always was on the run, finally wants to stay put.
Jack, who was always in control and sure of his decisions, becomes a drug-addicted alcoholic, convinced he made a huge mistake.
Hurley, who never wanted to be labeled as "crazy," begs to return to a mental institution.

Something very bad has happened to all of them. And I honestly don't know if I can bear to watch it reenacted over the course of the next three seasons. I think that's the worst part of all of this–we KNOW we're going to find out something awful happened. And we're most likely going to watch it happen on-screen, as all of the puzzle pieces of Lost are put together. Now, of COURSE I'm still going to tune in for the show, but it may be with two hands over my face, peering through my fingers as we learn how The Six became The Six.

And finally, here's my favorite Lost T-Shirt so far.

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So whatever happened to the Monster?


Okay, pay attention here. You need to know this.

TONIGHT (Wednesday Night)…there's a special "enhanced" version of last season's final episode being aired. Apparently, they're running some text (sort of like 'pop-up TV') at the bottom that offers up clues and notes and stuff you may have missed. It's probably just a ratings ploy. But I will still probably watch it. If nothing else, it's been a VERY long time since I've put much thought into Lost. And it's not neccesarily the simplest show to watch.

TOMORROW NIGHT…the season premiere airs at 9:00est. And that's all good. But don't be fooled by those wacky ABC promotional people. It's not a two-hour special. There is a one-hour recap show that comes on at 8:00pm. But it's not part of the new episode.

By the way, here's a great look at the new season plus a great interview with one of the show's producers. Don't worry. There's NO spoilers. They don't talk specifically about the new season. But they do shed a bit of insight into how different the show's feel will be. More specifically, the flashbacks will no longer serve as simply "stories" that provide insight into characters. All flashbacks and flashforwards will serve to advance the storyline. I think things are going to start moving much faster. And they also pretty much admit that the episode where Jack flew a kite in Thailand and got beat up and got a tattoo for no reason pretty much sucked.

If all that isn't enough, here's more:

48 Really Good and Really Unanswered Questions About Lost

12 Things You Need to Know to Fully Understand and Appreciate the Season Premiere

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Lost: Incredibly confusing…or simply brilliant?


Most of the time…it's both. Take a look at this new Lost viral site. It's a new storyline that you can follow if you win/solve the games they put in front of you. It's actually put together really well. But I haven't had the time to properly go through it. Let me know if you do.

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All of the most sought-after questions answered!

Okay. Maybe not. But if you're into 'Lost' like I am, then check out this map. I have no idea whether it's accurate or not.

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