Restaurant Review – “Bibs”

When it comes to barbecue in the Triad, me and the missus are all about some Prissy Polly’s (right in the heart of KVegas).  And we’ll continue to eat there and always get banana puddin’ for dessert. But there’s a new cooker in town.


A couple of weeks ago, my friend Kent went OFF on us about a place he had just eaten at in downtown Winston-Salem. “Best barbecue around!” And folks, he was right. Kent was nice enough to invite me out for lunch today and I am a believer…


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What exactly does this mean?

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Auto-Tune Me, baby.

Ever wondered what “auto-tune” is? Ever wondered why some of the worst singers can sound so good in the studio? Take a look at this…and don’t miss Katie Couric’s part at 1:21. It’s the best.

Here’s a look at the guys who put this together and why…

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Star Wars/Airwolf Mashup

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Lost EP Recap – EP 5.15 – “Follow the Leader”

locke vs jacob

It actually does sort of feel like a prize-fight build-up for tonight. Thanks to Tasty ‘Shops for the great poster. And that brings me to the best line/look of last week’s episode:

Locke: “I’m going to kill Jacob.”

Ben: “Jigga what?”

ben jigga what

Last week’s episode was really more of a prologue to tonight’s two-hour season finale, and yet it was great in it’s own way. Jack’s going to detonate an H-Bomb. Locke suddenly has a deathwish for Jacob. And I have no idea what’s up with Sawyer and the sub storyline. So many great scenes and great questions. I think the biggest is this:

Free will…or Predestination?

That seems to be the biggest question being asked. Will we get an answer tonight? Probably not. But I still can’t wait! Some other great observations I found on the net…after the jump.


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Movie Review – “Star Trek”


So much has been written about the new “Star Trek” movie that it’s almost pointless for me to add my own two cents. Basically, I thought it was great. Tons of fun. One of the best summer movies I’ve seen in a long time. It’s hard for me to imagine anyone walking out of this movie that did not have a good time. So I’d highly recommend it to anyone.

I guess what I’m impressed by most is how J.J. Abrams turned me around on the idea of a new movie. I can remember rolling my eyes the first time I read that there was yet another reboot of the franchise being put together. However, Abram’s track record (Lost, Alias, MI:3) caused me to at least give it a shot. And the first full trailer that I saw turned my skepticism into excitement. And when I finally saw the movie last Friday, it didn’t disappoint.

If you’ve seen it, then you definitely want to check out some of these links. If you haven’t, don’t. And go see it soon.

An Amazing List of Cool Things in the Credits

A Great Star Trek Review

Okay. So not everybody liked it.

Explanations for the Top Ten Gripes about the new Star Trek Movie

Five Things You May Have Missed

My wife thinks Chris Pine is totally hot. Seriously. I think he’s her new Matt Damon.

Abrams talks Nimoy into ‘Fringe’

Spock says a bad word.

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Jazz Hands!

Slippery When Wet

[Thanks Sea Turtle]

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