Best Holiday Special Ever?

I gotta say it’s either “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Raindeer” or “Santa Claus is Comin’ To Town.” And I’m not talking about the cartoon versions. It’s gotta be the stop-motion old-school version or nothing at all. Here’s the trailer, and it is AWESOME.

My wife? She’s partial to the one with the rats. Here’s a clip…

Here’s a ranking of the top ten most underrated Christmas specials ever. What’s your favorite?

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The Star Wars Holiday Special


Any of you guys that actually remember this? I do. I actually remember watching this. It was broadcast only once…in November 1978. I was seven years old. And I was such a Star Wars fan that we were GLUED to the set. 

It’s become infamous since then. In a world where you can find almost everything on YouTube, this one’s actually a tough get. The production value is pretty bad…even for the late 70’s. The storyline is set back in Chewbacca’s home world where they celebrate “Life Day.” One blogger says: “Essentially, they crammed the Star Wars Phenomenon into the 1970’s Variety Format. And the end result is long, disturbing, and just silly.”

Some call it George Lucas’ dark secret. At one Australian fan convention he reportedly said: “If I had the time and a sledgehammer, I would track down every copy of that show and smash it.” Some people have posted fan sites with interviews with the cast.  But back in the day, I LOVED it. Check out this site for a great breakdown of the storyline. Vanity Fair even did a piece on it that’s really good. And here’s a couple of clips I found on YouTube.

And it looks like somebody has posted the WHOLE THING here. 

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It’s confession time.

Here it is. My blog confession for the day:

I look through my brother’s pantry for food when I babysit my nephew.

It’s true. And I think they know it. Look, a lot of times they have cool junky kid stuff that I don’t normally buy or even look at. And a lot of times, I have some. One time, I cleared out their whole supply of cheese puff balls. And left the wrappers out as evidence! It was a travesty.

But let’s get past the morality of it and talk about what I really want to talk about. This.

Yes. They had a box of this in their pantry. No, I don’t know why they bought it. And yes, I had a bowl of it. And yes, it was good. When is the last time you had Count Chocula cereal? Or Franken-Berry? Or Boo-Berry? We loved this sugary cereal mix as a kid. We even forced our grandmother to buy us “Kaboom!” one time. And then it turned out to be so sugary and nasty that we ended up throwing almost the whole box away. What were your favorites as a kid?

If you’re wondering, yes, the package looks different. And here’s some thoughts on that, too.

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