Hazelnut Hot Chocolate.

Here in the Carolinas, the heat and humidity of summer is behind us. No, we don’t have that distinct Fall smell in the air yet (by the way, that smell is caused by three things: falling leaves, pumpkins, and college football). But we do have highs in the low 70s with lows around 50 every night. Open window weather. I love it.

It’s also the kind of weather that encourages people to seek out their favorite warm beverage. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I am quite fond of the chai tea latte. And occasionally, everybody loves a good hot chocolate. And last night, that’s exactly what I ordered at Starbucks. 

Except this time, I took advantage of one of their new hot chocolate offerings, the Signature Hazelnut Hot Chocolate. And it is DELIGHTFUL. I highly recommend it. Just don’t order anything more than a small. That’s really all you need. And when you check out the calorie count, I’m sure you’ll agree. 



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