Lost EP Recap – EP 5.14 – “The Variable”


“For the first time in a long time, I don’t know what’s going to happen next.” – Eloise Hawking

Dang it. I have NEVER known what is going to happen next. And I guess that what makes this show so great. This season’s third-to-last episode was AWESOME. I think it’s one of the top ten of all time. So it’s interesting to me that I don’t have all that much or you this week. And here’s why…

The idea that Faraday introduced of adding a “variable” in order to change the future has really created some wild theories. For instance, many people are theorizing that they DO somehow stop the station from being built and the plane never crashes and somehow this causes a complete reboot of the whole series next season. I don’t buy this. So I simply haven’t included many of those theories here. So unless you see a credit after the thought, it’s my own lame-brained theory or question.

If Desmond is “The Constant,” then I guess Faraday is “The Variable?”


Knowing that you will eventually shoot your own son definitely qualifies as a major spoiler.

Lesson Learned: Please don’t call other chicks “Freckles” in the presence of your own main squeeze.

Is Daniel dead? Some people don’t think so. But I definitely think he’s dead. The guy was shot on the middle of the chest. Big moment. The camera lingers on the reactions of his future mom and eyebrow guy. His run ends with an episode that finally gives the Faraday character his due. To me, all these things point to the fact that he’s dead. Or maybe I’m completely wrong.

Does the Hydrogen Bomb lie in the shadow of the statue? What happens to the idea of using the H-Bomb? That was a pretty big revelation right at the end. Does Jack/Kate take up that mission?


This is all to say, I totally believe in Faraday’s new theory that the time-traveling castaways can alter the past — that whatever happened can…well, un-happen. And I believe before the end of the season, someone will. But not Faraday; and certainly not by anyone following through on his crazy Let’s turn the Swan site into a radioactive bird bath! scheme. (Someone’s been watching a little too much Beneath The Planet of The Apes.) (Besides me, that is.) No, it’s going to be another one of Faraday’s designated super-special variables that will heroically break the chain of causality that has turned the lives of the castaways into a never-ending Twilight Zone episode. But which one? And how will they do it? Welcome to Lost’s version of a ”Who shot JR?” season finale, writ geeky and cosmic: ”Who changed time?”

[Entertainment Weekly]

I remember asking my brother: “Hey, didn’t Ben just shoot Desmond at close range? Are you telling me that the milk carton somehow changed the angle and trajectory of the bullet?” Turns out Desmond did get shot up pretty bad. But he had enough of a rage reserve to power him through a Ben beating for 5-10 minutes. Good thing.

Good questions thrown out by Laura DeMarco of Cleveland.com:

  • Why did Daniel inform Jack that his mother was wrong to tell them that going back to the island was their destiny? Was she intentionally misleading them?
  • Why did Eloise send Daniel back if she knew she would kill him? What is worth that price to her?
  • Are Eloise and Widmore still working together?
  • Will Penny learn Desmond is her half-brother?

I think the “destiny” Eloise’s keeps talking about isn’t destiny at all, it’s 30 years of history that she’s read from Daniel’s notebook. And now that the notebook has caught up to the present time, Eloise suddenly doesn’t know what’s next.

[Mike Murphy of pressdemocrat.com]

Next week…the first part of the two-part season finale called “Follow The Leader.” And the next week? The two-hour season finale called “The Fork in the Outlet.” And don’t forget to read “The Ack Attack!”

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