Sending this one out to my former bicycle-flippin’, peg-jumpin’, hole-in-knee creatin’ little brother. And if you watch one bicycle-oriented YouTube video this year, this is the one. Make sure you follow it until the end. It is quite sweet. And BTW, if you don’t listen to Band of Horses, you should.

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  1. Little brother loves the BMX/Freestyle… spent the better part of the mid-80’s wrecking my bike. This guy is great, but about two decades late. If kids had that talent in the 80’s, they’d be as famous as Tony Hawk or Shaun White. If you need more of that crazy mess, check out my favorite movie of all-time…

  2. You have got to be kidding me. That is incredible. Ridiculous and incredible. What a great find. And I love Band of Horses. One of my favorite new bands.

  3. […] By dasreet 0 Comments Categories: videos I have to credit my boy Bdiddy for this one.  This has got to be some of the best street/street trials bike riding I’ve ever seen.  […]

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