Lost EP Recap – 5.13 – “Some Like It Hoth”

MAN IN VAN: Miles, my name’s Bram.
MILES: You owe me a fish taco.

Ok. Ok. It’s been a while. Sorry about that. What can I tell you? Life gets in the way of the blog sometimes. I even found myself two or three episodes behind on my DVR there for a while. But after last week’s recap reprieve, I’m back in the game. So here’s the latest list of theories that I found on the Internet that make me go “Hmmmmm.”


Miles is, in a way, Dr. Chang’s redemption. He is going to warn Dr. Chang about the purge, which would kill young Miles and his mother. Dr. Chang is going to selflessly send his wife and son away for their own protection, which Miles will come to understand has allowed him to live. Did you see Dr. Chang with baby Miles? Seemed like a good father to me.

Is it possible that during the “incident” that Chang saves his son (baby Miles) but gets injured (severed arm)? The incident may involve the electromagnetics and this also is how Miles ends up with his power? Seems to me like Chang is going to factor into the Dharma storyline in a good and heroic way. His comments about Hydra Island show that he is not a freaky Room 23 Dharma mad scientist. Rather, he seems compassionate and genuinely motivated to further noble scientific pursuits (where the weird experiments on Hydra may signify science and Dharma’s darker side).

Remember in the Orchid video with Dr Halowax and Rabbit 15? Halowax is talking about the real reason Dharma is on the island – Time Travel experiments. He is holding Rabbit 15 and suddenly he hears a noise behind him and it is another Rabbit 15. The Rabbit had time shifted and TWO of the same Rabbit were in the room. Halowax freaks out and tells everyone to get the two rabbits away from each other. Miles is like Rabbit 15!!!

For whatever reason, I was inspired to do a Google latitude search based on key locations in the story line. I found numerous points, including Tunisia and Los Angeles, on the 34th parallel. Also at 34 degrees north of the equator is Iraq and South Korea, at spots suspiciously close to the birthplaces of Sayid and Jin. The 34th parallel also runs through Alabama, where Sawyer is from. Also notable (can’t be a coincidence can it?) is that Sydney, Australia is located on the 34th parallel south. Maybe there are other similarly situated Lost locales that I haven’t noticed?

Once again, we got a not so subtle hint about the Egyptian influences on the island. The chalkboard in the classroom was littered with history on Egyptian language. My guess is that we’ll continue to get more Egyptian tie-ins yet this season. And how great that the Dharma kids were learning about ancient Egypt! Under the hieroglyphics on the chalk board (that Jack was erasing) it said “Writing of the works of God.”


Quick and, perhaps, pertinent question: What was Sawyer doing all day that had him running around? Ben had been taken care of. He and Kate were back (as Kate was getting into her trouble with Roger). So what was Sawyer up to? I think this may be an important question to answer.

Recalling that Miles said he was from Reseda, I was waiting for young Miles to stumble upon Mr. Miyagi fixing Daniel LaRusso’s bike at the apartment complex. For those of you who don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, you’ll have to brush up on your Karate Kid trivia.


Don’t know if anybody has mentioned this, but nice reference to Luke Skywalker losing his arm…like Pierre Chang will soon in the Incident. Can Miles redeem his dad before he dies a la Luke n Darth Vader?

We were treated to a new bit of intrigue last week with Ilana’s “What lies in the shadow of the statue?” question. We saw in this episode that the goon who was with her on the beach, Bram, tried to redirect Miles from joining Widmore’s science team and asked Miles that same question. It’s also noteworthy that this exchange took place back in 2004, so this new team has been in place for some time now. Bram also hints at this “war” that we’ve heard about and that he believes Miles in going to be on the wrong team. So, whose team is Bram on?


According to Naomi, Widmore was willing to pay Miles 1.6 Million dollars to go to the Island. Funny that last season Miles asked Ben for exactly double that amount – 3.2 Million.

Microwave time – 3:16. Locke’s favorite Bible verse – John 3:16. The Return flight – Flight 316


Why are does Chang and the rest of the Dharma leadership find it important to hide that body? Why act like it doesn’t exist? Just to prevent panic among the Dharma folks? And does it have anything to do with the strange ability of Miles to ONLY read thoughts from an actual dead body?

The dead guy at the beginning (that young Miles found in the apartment) was eating a sandwich. Hurley and Miles were taking sandwiches to the Orchid. In earlier episodes this year we also had sandwich sightings. This confirms that season five is officially the sandwich season.

Variety has a nice article where the LOST producers answer 10 questions from fans. Just the thing to hold you over until next week!

And here’s your weekly R-rated Lost recap! Hilarious!

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  1. Hi there BDiddy –

    It seems as though you read my site (or DarkUFO, where my posts are republished) as you have taken a paragraph directly from my “Some Like it Hoth” post. You therefore probably also know that I am currently in a copyright “situation” with a video blogger who was taking my content and others’ directly, word-for-word from our posts. This is not only plagiarism, but it’s copyright infringement. I know that you say in your post that you found the theories you pasted in on the Internet, but that is not good enough.

    You must specifically cite where you took the content from in each place you use it. Especially, in the cast of the content you took from my post, where it looks like your own thoughts as it’s written in the first person.

    The paragraph below was taken from my site:

    “This is the theory I’m subscribing to at the moment. I thought in the past that the Dharma “recruiting centers” (ABC online teases before this season) were most likely a hint that that the organization would reestablish itself (on the show). And when I heard all of Bram’s sappy talk about how Miles could never “fill the empty hole inside” of him with money, the first thing I thought was, “those Dharma hippies are at it again!” Seriously, who says that sort of thing? Plus, Bram and Ilana have that big ol’ crate they’re working on opening… and we all know how much the old Dharma liked to drop supplies by the crate-load back in the day. Finally, Bram promised Miles information about his father… and Chang was of course a part of the original Dharma.”

    Please remove it or cite it as “By Erika Olson at LongLiveLocke.com” and include the link back to my site.

    My specific post you took this paragraph from is here:

    I recognize several other paragraphs in your page as well from my other fellow Lost bloggers, so I suggest you do the same with their work. This is a serious issue and I would like to avoid another copyright battle. Feel free to write me at:


    – Erika Olson

    • The following is a copy of an email that I just sent to Erika this morning:

      “First, Erika, I think you’re absolutely right. Let me just give you my brief thoughts on this.

      1. Since my blog gets a whopping total of about 15 hits (just my peeps, really) per day, I’ve never really given much thought to the idea of copyright infringement. It’s a fairly small operation I’m running here.

      2. And I do state pretty clearly at the beginning of most of my Lost recaps that the thoughts you’re seeing are not my own…simply a random smattering of thoughts that I’ve collected over world wide interweb. I’m simply just not that smart.

      But that being said, I agree with you: Credit should be given where credit is due. So I’ll definitely start linking back to blogs like yours when I copy and paste the comments. I may not be able to get to this particular blog entry today due to time constraints. So I’ll simply remove yours. And in the future, we’ll definitely change the process.

      Thanks for the comment. And keep up your writing on your blog! Great stuff. Take care!”

      BTW, I’ve deleted Erika’s comments from the original blog entry.

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