Lost Recap 5.08 – “LaFleur”

GREAT episode. In my opinion, this season gets better and better every episode. I hate that we have to wait until next week for the next new episode.

“Your buddy out there with the eyeliner? Let me talk to him.”

I also loved the return of Richard Alpert. And if you’ve been wondering “what’s up with his eye makeup?” you can find the answer here. And for lots more musing on the return of the statue and new Dharma symbols and sweet, loving Sawyer and baby mama drama you MUST check it all out after the jump.


Remember many seasons ago when a statue of a four-toed left foot on the shore of the Island was seen from the sailboat by Sayid, Sun and Jin as they were sailing to the Others’ camp (“Live Together, Die Alone”)? Upon seeing the statue, Sayid remarked “I don’t know what I find more disquieting: the fact that the rest of the statue is missing, or that it has four toes.” The statue consists of a four-toed left foot, wearing a sandal. It was apparently from a colossal statue that had crumbled or had been destroyed at some point. Considering Sayid, Jin and Sun see the statue on the starboard side of the ship, the statue must be located along the Western or Northern coastline of the Island (as the destination was the Other camp somewhere on the Northern shore).

The statue predates the arrival of the DHARMA Initiative on the Island in the early 1970s. It was also guessed that the foot stood at about 35-40 ft. (10-12 m). Based on this estimated height, it can be assumed that the completed statue would be roughly 240-250 ft. (75 m) tall (about the height of a 30-story office building).

“The Statue from behind looks very similar to Anubis from Egyptian mythology, as it appears to have Jackal-like ears and head. Anubis was also the gate-keeper of the world of the dead, and he is depicted in Egyptian mythology as having only four toes.” [Lostpedia]

Remember when Sawyer was the Puck of Lost’s Real World – selfish bastard, cared about no one? Well, now he’s a hot golden retriever who glows with love each time he sees a woman deliver a baby. He’s funny. He’s loyal. He’s a big swinging flower. And it’s great. We’ve long favored Sawliet, so this was basically our dream episode – full of spooning and miracle births and Alpert eyeliner jokes! And four-toed statues! And Dharma Merlot, plus time-travel conundrums that were both confusing AND intriguing, plus, muttonchops. Sawyer and Juliet 2gether 4ever.


Juliet is one fine woman. How cool was it to see her have Sawyer’s back in front of everyone even when she knows he’s got a bad idea, take out an Other with a rifle before Sawyer can get a shot off, work under the DHARMA van with a grinder as a mechanic (sporting another new DHARMA logo with the wench), deliver a baby via C-section, and put together a great meal for her man (DHARMA Merlot included)? I heart Juliet.

Ben should be in Dharmatown circa 1977, right? About age 10, and easily killable. Just saying.

Women on the island can have children. Is this because they conceive off the island, and then come back? Or has the reason they can’t have children in the present day not happened yet? My friend John suggested the reason women can’t have children may be because of the poison gas that was released to kill all of Dharma.


Loved the Geronimo Jackson shirt that Rosie was wearing. We may even get more mentions in the future as it appears we’re going to hunker down in DHARMA days for a while.

We know the sub is scheduled to make a trip in two weeks and the time that they’re in now is around the time that Ben Linus and his dad show up. I’m wondering if the sub brings a young Ben Linus with it.

So, safe to say Ben is a child on the island when JAMES LaFleur is in charge – that’s why Ben calls him JAMES in present times.

If what Widmore said was true about his 30+ years as leader of the Others, then he would stand to be the leader during this era. He claimed he led in peace, which is consistent with the “truce” between the Others and the DI. It’d be sweet to see a middle aged Widmore consulting with Richard one of these episodes.

LaFleur is French for “flower”, so I thought it was a nice touch to see Sawyer bring Juliet a flower.


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I saw the Sawyer/Juliet hook-up coming from a mile away. As soon as we learned that they’d been stranded in the ’70s for three years, I was like, “Yep, it’s on.” What I did not expect to see, however, was how truly happy the two of them looked. I mean really, Sawyer was killing me with that flower. He even upgraded from Dharma Wine-in-a-Box with Kate to a classy bottle of Dharma Merlot for Juliet. If that’s not livin’ the high life, then I don’t know what is.

In the “Cabin Fever” episode, Horace appeared to Locke chopping down a tree to build a cabin for him and the misses. This will eventually be “Jacob’s Cabin”. Could the newborn boy of Horace and Olivia (misses) be…………..JACOB???


Is Amy’s baby boy going to be someone we know? I would guess it’s going to be someone significant, but tough to say exactly who it could be. I wanted to suggest perhaps Desmond (a baby conceived and born on the island could account for him being “uniquely and miraculously special”), but the timing doesn’t seem quite right (Des seems a tad too old). If it’s 1977 when the boy is born (Sawyer told Juliet it was 1974 when he was trying to convince her to stay for 2 weeks, plus it’s 3 years later), then the boy would be about 27 when Flight 815 crashed in 2004. Is Horace going to be the father? Whatever happened to Olivia, his wife when they found the Linus family after Ben was born and who taught on the island as part of the DHARMA Initiative?

The baby is Desmond, who must fufill his “Destiny” by sailing and crashing onto the island so he can later crash the plane to bring Sawyer to the island, who will then be the person who ultimately causes him to be born by saving his mother from the hostiles and intervening so the Juliet can deliver him. But now why does he have to go back to the island because the island isn’t finished with him yet?

As for the baby, here is my guess: Baby Ethan!

Interesting that Paul’s necklace is an Egyptian symbol.


New Dharma logos on the clothes – I saw a star, a wrench…

More on the statue…it was holding an ankh in each hand. How fascinating, since it has FERTILITY meanings as well as the connotations of everlasting life….keys to eternity, etc. Hmmm.

Now we know why Alpert was so intent on recruiting Juliet…because she already had successfully delivered a surviving baby and mother.

Something is still not right about Juliet. She knows more than she lets on. When she and Sawyer started making out, I was like, “NOOOOOOO!!!” But when you think about it, maybe they’re perfect for each other: the con and the con. Maybe Juliet is aware that when you leave the island, you return to the off island present time. My guess here, but the world is not on the same loop as the island, so it wouldn’t constantly be jumping along the time string. Off the island would have been early 2005 based on the timeline we were folowing prior to the island disconnecting from the time string.


As Sawyer locked eyes with his former (?) fugitive dreamgirl, newly returned to the Island, I heard Sawyer’s internal monologue say ”Oh, yeah. I, like, totally love you. Er, I mean, loved you. I mean: Crap!” If they gave Emmy nominations for meaningful gazes, Holloway should start ironing his tuxedo T-shirt and best ripped jeans, because he’d be going to the ceremony.

Awesome ending.

And your weekly Ack Attack recap. Enjoy.

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