Partytime…Italian style..


When is the last time you had a delicious, piping hot Totino’s Pizza straight outa yo oven? For me, it was less than 24 hours ago. And it was part of the food throwdown that always happens when it snows. Why? I’m not really sure. But even the mere mention of snow in the forecast sends us inexplicably to the grocery store where we quickly fill our carts up with bread and milk and soda and chips and high-sodium, nicely packaged, cheap frozen foods. I’m pretty sure it’s simply a basic survival instinct that’s been in our genes for thousands of years. We can’t fight it. So we join it.


So anyway, we went old school with our snow meal Monday night over at the brother’s house. We served up a veritable Totino’s buffet. Four adults consumed seven pizzas (whole thing actually only cost us $3, I think). And we were quite pleased with ourselves. Was it healthy? No. Was it recommended by the FDA? Absolutely not. Was it tasty? I’m not really sure. I don’t normally even chew my food. But it was quite good. Supreme is my favorite. But all the flavors really taste the same, anyway.

You see, Totino’s takes me back to my younger days. Totino’s means that all my boys are coming over to the house to play Sega or Atari 5200 and watch movies and spend the night and wrestle in the den (no jokes, please…it was quite innocent, thank you). And Nanny cooking up pizzas for us to drink with our Faygo sodas. People, it doesn’t get any better than that. And don’t even get me started on Pizza Rolls (I eat mine with mustard). That’s a whole different blog entry.


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