Lost Recap 5.06 – “316”

Little late this week. Sorry about that. But here’s a TON of info to look over as you get ready for tonight’s episode. As always, all of this is spoiler-free. None of it’s official in any way. But there’s some pretty interesting thoughts in here that I’ve gathered from the world wide inter-world-web. Enjoy, and feel free to comment!


There’s Jack, blinking awake as he did in Lost’s very first episode, this time looking not hopelessly lost, but gloriously born again. There’s Kate, whose motivations for making the return trip were deliberately kept from us (all the better for a future flashback episode, my dears). And there’s Hurley, whose carry-on baggage included a new comic book (one of my all time favorites, Y: The Last Man, written by Brian K. Vaughan, who also happens to be Lost producer) and a guitar case – a token of Charlie, required to complete the set of symbolic talismans needed to conjure some portal-opening magic. (I think.)

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There are two very different interpretations of the episode title. ”316” refers literally to the number of the flight that carried the Oceanic 6 back to The island. But ”316” could be also be an allusion to John 3:16, Christianity’s lynchpin verse: For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life.


Anyone else think that Ben’s “promise to an old friend” and “loose end to tie up” was killing Penny? And do we think she’s already dead? What was up with the blood-covered Ben on the pay phone at the marina? Obviously, Penny and Desmond are probably still living on the boat. I DO NOT want to say this, but…… if Penny was killed by Ben and Desmond takes off for the island to get revenge, it could explain why baby Charlie is adopted by Simon and Megan Pace. Sorry, but it does now seem like a possibility. Argh.

Obviously something bad happened to Kate that we didn’t see when they were talking to Mrs. Hawking. And she said things needed to be as close to the original crash as possible – Sayid was in handcuffs, just like Kate had been. And she didn’t seem super happy about sleeping with Jack – was she maybe getting pregnant for the flight since the original flight carried an unborn blood relative of Jack’s?


Grandad…wait for it…is JACOB!!! Christian, his son, “speaks for” Jacob. Clair, his granddaughter, is very comfortable in Jacob’s cabin with her father. Everything in the show somehow is tied to Jack, his grandson. Aaron, his great-grandson, is speculated to be somehow vital to the island. Grandad was trying to escape from the old folks home conveniently close to the “window” timeframe, and was traveling with a suitcase containing a pair of his son’s shoes. Whenever Jacob was “shown” in the cabin, he was ghostlike – could it be that he was in LA (linked to the island by the lamppost) trying to communicate to those on the island to “help me” get back??

The bunnies in the retirement home’s “magic show” and the comment that Grandpa Ray made about going somewhere that “they won’t ever find me” definitely made me think of the Island… and of course it was pretty darn weird that Ray just so happened to have a pair of Christian’s shoes in his suitcase. Is this yet another Shephard who’s been to the Island before? Will he come into play again in the future? Will he ever find out that he has a great-grandson (Aaron)? Will all four generations of Shephards ever be on the Island at the same time? I have no deep thoughts on this subject, but I can’t shake the feeling that Ray wasn’t inserted into the storyline simply so Jack could get a pair of his dad’s shoes.

Ben’s choice of airplane reading material, James Joyce’s Ulysses.Hmmmm.

I’m starting to see a “Daddy’s shoes” theme I hadn’t noticed before. In previous episodes, we see Ben removing his drunken father’s shoes in a flashback. We see Kate removing her drunken father’s shoes in a flashback. Both dads killed at the hands of their child. Now Jack is taking his Daddy’s shoes to him. I always thought it was strange that Christian was wearing white shoes with his navy suit, but I figured the white shoes were symbolic. When God met Moses through a burning bush, He told him to take off his shoes because He was standing on holy ground–a practice that was continued when entering the temple in ancient Jerusalem. And the white shoes seemed a sharp contrast to the man in red shoes – that Eloise pointed out to Desmond, who was marked for death in “Flashes before Your Eyes”. She used the man with red shoes as an illustration that the universe self-corrects. Maybe returning Christian shoes is the whole reason to go back to the island – I mean, who can endure eternity with that kind of fashion faux pas?

I’m banking on all the people on the plane being the Mystery Rafters who were using the castaways beach camp and then later fired on Sawyer’s outrigger a few episodes ago during one of the Left Behinders time flash adventures. (The proof: Sawyer and co. found an Ajira Airways bottle in one of the boats.) And how about this for a crazy theory: Remember back in Season 3, when the Others made Kate and Sawyer do hard labor on Hydra Station Island? According to Lost lore, the thing that they were helping to build…was an airplane runway. So…what if instead of getting magically downloaded out of the sky by The Island like Jack, Kate and Hurley, Ben’s Ajira contingent merely landed safely on that runway? What if the very reason that Ben wanted to build that runway was because somehow (Jacob? Time loop? Precognitive powers?), he knew that one day he would need it?!

People have noted that anytime Locke is headed somewhere important, his legs get wounded again. It happened last week when he fell down the well, and a few weeks before when he got shot. It seems there’s destiny involved there, or perhaps the island is “course correcting” itself for healing him.

Did anyone notice in last night’s episode that anytime Jack was about to take a drink, he was interrupted? Maybe it’s the Island’s way of making sure he does what he needs to do – instead of turning into another Christian Shepherd.


I loved the mythology piece with Hawking. We finally got some answers surrounding why the island can’t be found easily. We got our first off-island DHARMA station, the Lamp Post, which uses electromagnetic energy to predict the comings and goings of the island. It will be cool to see some of the other locations around the world that are connected via similar electromagnetic energy. It would seem Tunisia is one while Uluru may be another. And by the way, who’s the “fellow” that concocted this station in the first place? A guess…Faraday. Not sure the logistics make sense for that, but that’s who popped into my mind right away.


Ms. Hawking’s insistence that the Oceanic 6 somehow replicate as best as possible the exact conditions of the original Oceanic 815 flight that led them to The Island made for an interesting cargo. I enjoyed the parlor game of figuring out who brought what – not to mention who played what part. Dead John Locke was cast as Jack’s Dead Dad. Hurley carried aboard the spirit of Charlie, but it was Ben who actually replicated the late-boarding drama that attended Hurley when he had to hustle his bustle to make the Oceanic 815 flight. And then there was Sayid, playing the part of Kate’s fugitive, accompanied by what appeared to be a law enforcement agent. (Say hello to the mysterious Ilana, played by Zuliekha Robinson, who joined the cast in this episode. Ditto to Saïd Taghmaoui, the intense looking dude who eavesdropped on Jack making travel arrangements for Locke’s body and expressed his condolences.)

BTW…if you roll with that line of thinking…wasn’t it weird that Kate blew into Jack’s apartment and initiated sex with him. What if it was because she knew that she had to get pregnant to get on the plane (to stand in for Claire, right?) She was pretty awkward the morning after.

On a related note, do you think that Dead Charlie and Ghost Claire got together to develop a strategy for scaring Hurley and Kate into returning to the Island? I do. To reward themselves for a job well done they’re now eating off Invisible Peanut Butter at the Spirit Café — ah, just like old times… kind of.

For me, the most provocative moment of the episode came aboard the plane, when Jack and Ben had the following exchange:

JACK: ”How can you read?”
BEN: ”My mother taught me.”

Ben was lying, of course. We know from ”The Man Behind the Curtain” that Ben’s mother died during childbirth. He saw a vision of her on The Island, during his hard Dharma adolescence, when the only parenting he got was neglect and abuse from his sad, heartbroken father. When Ben saw his mother, all he wanted to do was run away with her…whatever she was. But she said ”No. Not yet.” So…when?


The name of the Butcher shop, “Simon’s” where Ben was keeping Locke in the coffin really got me thinking this week. In the Bible Simon (called Peter by Jesus) is said to be the first of the 12 Apostles chosen by Jesus. (He was also the first Pope). Perhaps if Jack is meant to be the ‘doubting Thomas’, then Ben is the ‘Simon Peter’. It looked like someone was there when Locke died and it kind of looked like Ben. Simon Peter witnessed the Transfiguration of Christ. He also was the apostle that denied Christ 3 times. Simon Peter claimed that he would have died for Christ and even cut off the ear of a man during Jesus’ initial arrest. Ben also seemed to want to take John Locke’s place. Turning the donkey wheel for him thinking it was the right thing to do. Like Ben’s attempt to gather the O6 together following Locke’s death, Simon Peter was said to have strengthened his breathren after the death of Christ. It is believed that the other apostles were almost under his orders in a way, that they followed what he said. Simon Peter was the first person to enter Christ’s tomb after he rose from the dead and is believed to be the first person to see Christ risen.

I don’t think Aaron is with Claire’s mom. I think Kate left him with Sawyer’s old girlfriend who has his daughter. That way no one could find him. It also explains why Kate wouldn’t tell Jack about it. Because she never told Jack about what Sawyer whispered to her in the helicopter.

I don’t know if anyone’s posted this before but the woman sitting at the bar with Jack was in the episode Abandoned in 2005 … don’t know the significance but it’s Lost so there must be some!

Remember that scene last week in ”316” (see: John 3:16, Christianity’s bottom-line, leap-of-faith verse) when Ben told Jack about Thomas the Apostle? According to the impromptu Sunday school lesson from the shifty, double-speaking über-Other, Doubting Thomas suffers unfairly from a bad image. Ben reminded Jack and us that this allegedly faith-challenged apostle was also the same one ready and willing to sacrifice his life with and for Jesus: ”Let us also go, that we might die with him!” How does this apply to Lost? And why does it seem that the show has gone so overtly religious on us all of a sudden? Well, I’m not sure that it really has. With his rumination on Thomas’ call to sacrifice, I think Ben is telling us a parable, albeit one that needn’t be seen as wholly religious in nature: He’s just expressing the idea that the fates of the castaways are inextricably intertwined, and that they really need to start embracing that. ”Live together, die alone,” you know? It’s a big tent sentiment that can embrace many perspectives, religious and humanistic.

I don’t know who I was expecting to get out of that Dharma van, but it wasn’t Jin. While his split-second half-smile of recognition — the very last thing we saw before the credits rolled — was awesome, I’d argue that the looks on Hurley, Jack and Kate’s faces were even more priceless.


Tonight’s episode is called ”The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham.”

And finally, your weekly R-rated Lost recap…courtesy of The Ack Attack.

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