The greatest inspirational speech EVER.

Sure. Obama was pretty good yesterday. The guy could have easily taken the easy way and gone for cheap laughs and huge applause. The audience was primed for a celebratory speech. But give him credit. The speech wasn’t about the past. It wasn’t about him. It was about our country’s future, and the tough times ahead. And that was exactly the right thing to do.

Still, it left me a bit wanting. I was ready to be lifted up onto the wings of eagles. I was prepared to step into the great tradition of oratory for glory. For example, the famous and historic Bill Murray motivational speech in ‘Stripes.’ And that’s not what we heard yesterday in D.C.

But my friends and fellow Americans, if you’ll spend two minutes of your valuable time watching the video below…I think there are great things ahead.

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  1. That my friend, was hilarious. And I am MOTIVATED! WHOO!!

  2. What?? No Shatner??

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