It’s confession time.

Here it is. My blog confession for the day:

I look through my brother’s pantry for food when I babysit my nephew.

It’s true. And I think they know it. Look, a lot of times they have cool junky kid stuff that I don’t normally buy or even look at. And a lot of times, I have some. One time, I cleared out their whole supply of cheese puff balls. And left the wrappers out as evidence! It was a travesty.

But let’s get past the morality of it and talk about what I really want to talk about. This.

Yes. They had a box of this in their pantry. No, I don’t know why they bought it. And yes, I had a bowl of it. And yes, it was good. When is the last time you had Count Chocula cereal? Or Franken-Berry? Or Boo-Berry? We loved this sugary cereal mix as a kid. We even forced our grandmother to buy us “Kaboom!” one time. And then it turned out to be so sugary and nasty that we ended up throwing almost the whole box away. What were your favorites as a kid?

If you’re wondering, yes, the package looks different. And here’s some thoughts on that, too.

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  1. Cap’n Crunch (’s spelled right. I’m a professional), Lucky Charms (BEFORE all the weird-o marshmallows), Fruity Pebbles, Smurf Magic Berries (shut up), Honeycombs, and lastly…Kix.

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