More Guitars. Jesus-Style.

So you like the idea of Guitar Hero. You’re thinking to yourself: “Man, I bet I can really shred in my living room.” But at the same time, you’re thinking that maybe all those heavy doses of hard rock could be way too worldly to bring into your home. Well, you’re in luck. 

GET YOUR WORSHIP ON, video-game style.

It’s called  “Guitar Praise – Solid Rock.” And it comes out in September. And you better believe that soon you’ll be breaking off some Jesus Freak DCTalk-style. And as dorky as it is, I gotta give props to the music list. DCB, Skillet, Family Force Five. There’s some good music in there.

I ain’t afraid. And I know my boy James “Toby Mac” Thrasher ain’t, either. I saw that fool bust out last Sunday at the Summit. And I know das reet. Can I get a witness, ya’ll?

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  1. “Where my freaks at?!”

    And my new fave: “10.0 on the richter scale. Shake is like an earthquake. Move your tail!”

    Yeah, I gotta think, there’s a little cheese in there, but at the same time … everybody loves a little cheese. You know dasreet.

  2. That should have been “shake IT like an earthquake.” I can’t type.

  3. I want this… to pretend to be part of DCB’s band… it’s as close as I may come to the man himself… and you know I am all about cheese… let’s buy it! And if James comes and sings as TobyMac, we could charge admission!

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