You’re not hearing everything in your music.

Would you pay $350 for a set of headphones? Me neither. I just can’t justify dropping that kind of jack on a “want” item. But I’m telling you straight up…if I did roll like that…these headphones are worth it.

I had read about “Beats by Dr. Dre” a month or two ago. Turns out that Dr. Dre was frustrated with most consumer level headphones. Couldn’t find anything he liked to carry around with him. So when a company approached him with the idea of creating a new set with his name on it, he jumped on it. And here they are.

I tried them on two weeks ago while I was waiting on my iPhone at the Apple Store, and I couldn’t believe how good the sound quality was. The highs and the lows were incredible. You could absolutely hear everything. Felt like you were right there in the studio with the artist. And beyond that, they’re absolutely the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever worn in my life. I could keep these on for hours. They are sweet. And don’t just take my word for it.

Somebody hook me up.

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  1. very nice, the first time I heard of these, it was in a news story about Lebron James buying the olympic bball team a pair… nice gift

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